KMyMoney 4.6.3 released

The KMyMoney Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMyMoney version 4.6.3. This version contains quite a few fixes for bugs found in 4.6.2 since it was released seven months ago.

Here is a list of the most important changes since the last stable release:

* The online statement balance is highlighted if it's different from current file balance
* Correct the post date of the opening balance transaction when the opening date of the account changes
* The header state (adjusted column sizes) is now always restored correctly
* Can be built with Qt 4.8 without patching KDChart
* Fix a crash on opening SQLite databases
* MZN as new Mozambique Metical as well as an entry for MZM as the old Mozambique Metical were added
* Attempt to reconnect to the database (once) on accidental disconnects
* Allow the creation of 'Equity' accounts when "Show equity accounts" is checked
* In the 'Find transactions' dialog trigger a search when return is pressed and there is text entered in the filter
* Reports related fixes
* Fixed a large minimum ledger size when using some fonts
* Fixed SQL sintax in a certain usecase
* CSV importer plugin related fixes

Posted by Cristian Onet 2012-09-10

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