#391 AqBanking using wrong Proxy


I use the new KDE4 version of KMyMoney and want to give aqbanking/hbci a try.

The problem is, that it always wants to use the proxy i configured for Konqueror. But I only use the proxy for 2 or 3 sites (this is possible with Konqueror) but KMyMoney/aqubanking wants to use the proxy for the bank site, too.

If tried the command line tool for aqbanking (aqhbci-tool4). This one works correctly.

kmymoney --version
Qt: 4.6.1
KDE: 4.4.00 (KDE 4.4.0) "release 222"
KMyMoney: 3.95.0-svn20090511


  • Thomas Baumgart

    Thomas Baumgart - 2010-02-13

    You're right. For now, there's no easy solution. You can try to clear out the settings for the https-proxy while you test it. I made some changes to the detection logic in SVN, but that will still not work if you also use the proxies with the exceptions for https.

    That is a general problem, because AqBanking only has a single variable to steer the proxy (GWEN_PROXY) and you cannot use it dynamically for each connection as with KDE stuff. Due to request, the KMyMoney plugin sets up this variable when a proxy is defined in KDE.

    p.s. KDE4 related bugs are tracked on http://bugs.kde.org

  • Radish

    Radish - 2010-02-13

    Sry, wasn't sure were to post bug report best.

    What about this:
    A configuration option proxy to let the user choice between: Settings from KDE, No Proxy, Special Proxy

    Maybe we don't even need a dialog to let the user configure this option, just an option the config file would be enough at the moment. I think there aren't many other users who have this problem.


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