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Bug-fix vrb-ols-0.3.1 release is out

This is a bug-fix release. A network protocol bug fixed. Some improvements in build system implemented: removed strict dependency on CUnit and Tcl packages (if one doesn't want to build tests or Tcl bindings).

Posted by Nikita Vinokurov 2007-01-11

New Version of vrb-ols 0.3.0 released!

The next, feature-complete release of vrb-ols is ready for download!

There are a lot of enhancements as well as big speedup of modelstorage, networking and rules processing.

Also, in this release, we officially introduce the metarule implementation. That allows user to write any rules directly in quadruplets using QPL

Statement Base Dump/Restore and Transaction subsystem were improved. Now it's stable and fault-tolerant.

Posted by Nikita Vinokurov 2006-12-27

Project split and licensing policy change in vrb-ols.

Hi all,

I announce that the vrb-ols project will be splitted soon into the following projects (or subprojects):

- vrb-lib -- the vrb engine library that includes well known modelstorage and stmt libraries. The vrb-lib wich will be distributed under LGPL v2 (to be legally used by commercial software vendors such as .

- vrb-server -- the standalone network server to share vrb-lib functionality between remote users. It will be distributed under GPL v2 license and dependes on vrb-lib.... read more

Posted by Nikita Vinokurov 2006-05-30

vrb-ols version 0.2.0 released

The vrb-ols is a library that acts as a statement storage. It has different plugins that adds rules applied to statements get and set operations that allows to perform complex computations or add a behaviour to stored data. The statement style of storing information is simpler more flexible and faster than relational. vrb-ols can be used as a library or as a standalone networked multi-user server. ... read more

Posted by Nikita Vinokurov 2006-01-30