Forum showed Zero posts. It is normal again now.
//Another German user from near Hannover mailed me soon after to inform me that Forum showed Zero posts.
So it certainly had Zero posts when ppl tried from Hannover area.
The problem disappearded soon after when I restarted browser several times.

Rift in internet - or what is the reason?

Observation: Forum updated itself to zero posts when i tried to post in user mode:

[i]Player is not the most recent. Pay no attention[/i]
this Windows bug affects most modern Mozilla browsers. says that the below fix will improve to
Media player 9.0 ;-) (IMHO maybe more players - i added line for k-m)

from h ttp://

make a reg file e. g. named wmp9.reg & pasted the line below inside.
At my system i only had to click the resulting file.


when i restarted and changed to Admin window it showed:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/groups/k/km/kmeleon/htdocs/forum/admin/header.php:5) in /home/groups/k/km/kmeleon/htdocs/forum/admin/functions.php on line 322