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Jan 28 2004 Spanish translation done by Translator: Quique Language-Team: Castilian aka Spanish

Posted by Rick Paquette 2004-02-02

KMayan 1.1

First update:
Rearanged the glyph dir structure to accomodate 4 glyph sets.
Moved QMDate from menu to popup dialog on LMB.
Added two more glyph sets.
User definable, glyphs subdir named 'user', surprise, for user files.
Wrote a proper setup dialog, located in the applet config menu.
MMB provides info/thanks re: current glyph set.

Posted by Rick Paquette 2004-01-18

KMayan 1.0

Initial Release now available.

Posted by Rick Paquette 2004-01-13