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Released version 1.1.0 for KDE3

This is a realease for KDE3 with a few small feature enhancements and bugfixes.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2003-01-20

Released KMameRun 1.0.0 stable release

Final realease of KMameRun the KDE1 frontend to M.A.M.E. Better support for check romsets on startup (speedup!), added support for xmame.SDL, logwindow now always scrolls to the bottom automatically, better runtime options support for calling xmame and more I cannot remember. Still lacking documentation * sorry *

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-03-30

KMameRun on SourceForge

KMameRun was just added to SourceForge.
CVS, Source- and Binary-packages are online.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-02-02