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KMag moves to KDE!

KMagnifier is now officially part of the K Desktop Environment (KDE)!. The development of KMag has been moved to KDE's CVS. KMag is part of a new module for KE called "kdeaccessibility": http://accessibility.kde.org

KMag will be released as part of kdeaccessibility. We are working towards releasing a version for KDE 3.x of kdeaccessibility which will include KMag among other things. From KDE 3.2 onwards, kdeaccessibility and hence KMag will be included with the main KDE release.... read more

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2003-03-15

KMag 0.8 released

This release comes with many more improvements. KMagnifier can now show zoomed mouse cursor (although not the real cursor). The document has been re-written and is now complete. The GUI is now XML based, and now has tools to configure the toolbar and the key-board shortcuts. And finally, the code now works with both KDE2 and KDE3. Binary RPMs for Linux Mandrake 8.1 and 8.2 (KDE2 & KDE3) are available.

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2002-04-24

KMag 0.7 released

Checkout http://kmag.sf.net for more details.

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2002-02-09

KMag 0.6 released

This is the biggest release to date! This release comes with loads of new features (printing, saving image to file, copying to clipboard etc.), improved usability (new grab-and-move default mode, right mouse to move the selection window etc) and improved gui (sleek and to-the-point).

This release also contains source and binary RPM files for Linux Mandrake :)

Check it out today!

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2001-11-21

KMag 0.5 released

A new updated KMagnifier version 0.5 has been released. Changes include GUI modifications, code cleanup etc. This new release also has an "install" script for easy installtion from sources. Also checkout the new webpage at http://kmag.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2001-09-18

KMag 0.4 released

There was a small bug which was causing flickering. It has been fixed and now there is no difference in performance between the old kmag (KDE 1) and this new one!

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2001-04-16

kmag 0.3 released

This is the first release which is 100% usable on KDE2. It fixed a few bugs from the previous release. automake is now included (thanks to kdevelop).

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2001-02-18

kmag 0.2 released

The first KDE2 version of KMag is released. Its still not feature complete, but its been released for people to have a look! Look forward to a much more usable version soon.

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2000-12-15

KMag site up

kmag is an existing utility to magnify a portion of the screen to help the visually impared. It can also be used by others needing to zoom a part of the screen. It was originally written in 1998 by Michael Forster (thanks michael) for KDE1.

The aim of the project now is to port it to KDE2 and improve the interface and functionality. So look out for an initial KDE2 release soon!

Posted by Sarang Lakare 2000-11-21