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Web site new translation: Arabic

Arabic was translated, hope everything is in order with that "rigth-to-left" script.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2017-04-30

New translations

The website was updated with many new languages: Catalan, Croatian, Galician, Greek, Lithuanian, Russian.
See also the interface, which received good new whole translations for Catalan and Croatian.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2016-03-17

Site translation in Transifex

We have a new approach for translating Klavaro's website, we are using Transifex. And the first results are the translations for French and for German. See there:



Posted by Felipe Castro 2013-08-01

Speech capability

Speech integration is done now through use of the Espeak program.
In order to enable it, install Espeak in your system, hoping that it supports your language. Then, in Klavaro, ensure the language selected is the same of the interface. Check the "Speech" box and go to modules basic, adapt or velo.

Hope you like the voice of Espeak. This will be useful mainly for blind people.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2011-03-27

New ranking

The ranking server was updated, now it is hosted at Sourceforge.net.
We hope this way we can make it more stable.
So, everything is reset, sorry for the inconvenience: your local scoring should be uploaded again.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2011-03-27


Klavaro was tested and accepted by Softpedia:


Although there they tested version 1.2.0, its a very nice achievment!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2010-12-16

Klavaro 1.7.X - Rankings up and off!

From this release, we have fixed a problem with scoring to internet from AMD64 machines.

We ported and provided a new bin also for MS-Windows, including the possibility to upload your scorings to internet.

And finally, the host ranking server was updated, so old scorings will gradually disappear, no more than 1 year to stay at Top 10. So, if you want to keep there, go on typing!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2010-08-24

Klavaro 1.2.0: new interface

This new release looks like a completely new application, but... it's just the same old Klavaro typing tutor.

Thanks to the great suggestions and help of David Prieto (now, our official designer :-), we have achieved something more pleasable to use.

Hope everybody like it!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2009-05-18

Klavaro 1.1.9: online!

Since version 1.1.9, Klavaro enables playing a kind of online contest, where users try to achieve the higher score in a touch typing challenge. This works for the "fluidness" module, but... that's only for Linux users.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2009-04-10

Klavaro into the Translation Project

From now on, translations for Klavaro are handled via the Translation Project. For more information, visit the site of this very interesting service:


And Klavaro appears there:


Posted by Felipe Castro 2009-03-19

Vietnamese and Bangla support

We have two more languages supported now, thanks to:

Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-12-08

Urdu support

Thanks to Jess Body, now the Urdu language is also supported. This is the first arabic script implemented in Klavaro, enjoy it!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-09-24

Klavaro included in MacPorts

From version 1.1.1, Klavaro was included as a port in MacPorts:


Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-07-24

Klavaro 1.1.0: semi-online contest

Since version 1.1.0, Klavaro enables playing a kind of semi-online game, where users try to achieve the higher score in a touch typing challenge. Have fun!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-06-22

Subvesion repository available

Since version 1.0.9, we have used the Subversion system to make available to everyone interested the possibility to track the development of Klavaro and even help on it.

Here is the main "trunk":


Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-06-02

Klavaro included in ZenEdu LiveCD

We would like to inform that Klavaro was included as a part of ZenEdu LiveCD.
The application will now be enjoyed by people who will download this LiveCD.
The release announcement of ZenEdu LiveCD has hit

We enjoy very much the interest of ZenEdu LiveCD team!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2008-01-01

Klavaro as a port for FreeBSD

Now we have quickly updated ports for FreeBSD boxes:


Posted by Felipe Castro 2007-05-05

Klavaro accepted in Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux officially accepted Klavaro as one of its programs. Klavaro is a simple and effective tutor for those who wants to learn touch typing. Its basic course was designed to not depend on any specific keyboard layout. Besides the basic lessons, it provides other three levels of practicing: adaptability, velocity and fluidness.

Klavaro was included in the main section of Debian's software repository, thanks to the initiative of Lionel Le Folgoc as the maintainer. It was accepted just a few days ago, in 2007-01-14. And from now on, we can have the "deb" binaries directly from the official pools, for a variety of architectures, from i386 to SPARC.... read more

Posted by Felipe Castro 2007-01-20

Klavaro-1.0.0 - Stable Release

When we don't get bug reports and the downloads goes on steady, then it's time to name it "stable". This is the first production release of Klavaro.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2006-10-13

Windows port succeeded

Using MSYS, MingW, the GTK+ 2 development files from Tor Lillqvist and
making some little adjustments, it was quite easy to compile the
Windows binary.

We hope to receive more feedback from users now.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-09-23

Beta release

So, finally we reached the beta development stage.
Hope you enjoy it.
Now it's GTK++ 2!

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-09-23

Preparing to beta release

We are close to release the first beta version of Klavaro. And this branch it will remain there forever, as we are going to work on a new, one based on the version 2.0 of GTK+. This will allow us to port to Windows in some near future.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-09-05

First alpha release

Now "Klavaro" is almost complete. All the projected features are functioning.

That's it. Now we start to wait for the bugs...

There won't be announcements here for each realease anymore. Only the great changes will be posted.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-06-08

6th release

Now you can enjoy esperanto in Klavaro!

In the next release, we will try to make the code more clear and add a debian package (.deb).

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-06-02

5th release

Now we have progress charts for all the exercises and a virtual keyboard online help for the basic course.

The next step is to add an esperanto translation for the program.

Posted by Felipe Castro 2005-05-15

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