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Project releases

We temporarily removed the binary package release because it was too old.
We are working on a new release more stable and with more features. Until it is ready you can access our svn repository to see the improvements of our work!

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2009-07-19

Klaper Logo

We have a logo for the klaper project. See it on the project home page!

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2008-07-26

Migration to the new oAW 4.3

We migrated to the new 4.3 version of oAW (openArchitectureWare, see the download page at http://www.openarchitectureware.org/staticpages/index.php/download?menu=Download ).
This means that if you are currently using oAW 4.2 svn version of Klaper will no longer work.
If you use the prebuild package from the download section, you still need oAW 4.2!!!

As soon as possible we will realease a build rc2 version based on oAW 4.3.... read more

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2008-05-15

First binary release

We are proud to announce our first binary package distribution!
In the download section you can find a zip file containing four plugins for the LQN module of the Klaper project.
To install the LQN plugins you must simply download the .zip file from our Download page and decompress it into the "plugin" direcotry of your Eclipse distribution.
To run the plugins you need the oAW (openArchitectureFramework, see http://www.openarchitectureware.org/) framework installed!
Currently all is done on the oAW way (that means that you must use oAW's workflows to run your transformations), but as soon as possible we will provide a complete integration with the Eclipse platform completely masking the oAW presence.... read more

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2008-02-23

Completely new architecture

The Klaper project has benn completely rebuilt on the oAW (openArchitectureWare) framework (see the oAW homepage at http://www.openarchitectureware.org).

That means that you need to install the oAW plugins for Eclipse (see the oAW download page at http://www.openarchitectureware.org/staticpages/index.php/download?menu=Download)
in order to use all the Klaper tools.

For now only the Lqn tool is available but we will update other tools as soon as possible).... read more

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2007-12-29

Lqn plugin tested with Eclipse 3.3

After a long absence due to our contribution to the CoCoME project (see http://www.cocome.org/ and our homepage at the CoCoME section http://valerianus.ce.uniroma2.it/wiki/klaper:cocome_main for a practical example of the klaper application), we are back to work on klaper.
Today we successfully tested the Lqn plugins set whit the 3.3 version of Eclipse.
That means that you can use the klaper tools not only whit Eclipse Callisto but also whit Eclipse Europa!
Currently we are working on some little changes and bugfix in the lqn to xml converter.
For next months we will work on the klaper metamodel and on the tools for a complete automatic translation from klaper to lqn.

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2007-09-12

Available a new plugin for LQN to XML conversion

In the svn repository we have a new working eclipse plugin that is able to convert an LQN model into an XML file that is in compliance with the XMLSchema used for input files by Rads' software.

Posted by Enrico Randazzo 2007-01-21

Sourceforge KLAPER project started

I'm pleased to announce that the sourceforge KLAPER project has just started. For now we're still setting up the CVS repository and the project web page. Until it's all done, please refer to the old webpage that you can find at http://valerianus.ce.uniroma2.it/wiki/klaper:start

Posted by Antonino Sabetta 2006-10-11

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