kiwix-0.9-beta2-win on windows xp

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    i installed vcredist_x86.exe of the zip first, then kiwix on a slow (1.68 GHZ)
    windows xp prof sp3 system. Then i tried to make a index of the german
    wikipedia several times, the process always goes like this

    CPU-time(min) process (%)  tmpindex (MB)
    60                        9                     544
    87                        10                   601
    110                      10                   601 

    Up to 10% everything seems to be okay, but then the process doesn't go on,
    though it runs with 100% cpu-power. After 15 hours going merely up to 20% I
    killed the process.

    Has anyone a ideo how to get this thing work?

    And otherwise: Is it posible to build the index on another system and copy the
    index files to the slow machine? Would it be necessary that the user on the
    indexbuilding system is called the same like on the target-pc (and do all
    relevant files have to be lokaded at the same path)?


    P.S: You may even answer in german.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It seems to be a hardware-problem, i will now try to build the index on a VM
    (XP) of a stronger machine, copy the index-files to the target-PC, customize
    the libary.xml and tell you about the results.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Okay, no problem; You can build the index on another system, copy the index-
    files to the target-system and customize the values of "path" and "indexpath"
    in libary.xml.

  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    BTW, now kiwix-index is available for all systems (Windows, Linux, OSX)



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