#953 WikiSource seach broken, full text index does not work either on Android


Some problems with Wikisource on Android (1.99). I downloaded 2016-5 of WikiSource. Some problems with search:

When you search 'tesla' you don't get Nikola Tesla, but only articles that have a title that STARTS with 'tesla'. The main article about tesla in Wikisource is called 'author: Nikola Tesla' so you have to type EXACTLY that! If you don't type 'author:' first you cannot find anyone!

The article name should search the entire name field. No matter where 'tesla' appears in the title, it should be found, and its not...I'm not talking about full text search here, just seaching the aricle name field.

I've tried installing the idx folder next to the ZIM file in order to get full text search and here are my findings:

  • If the zim file is in parts (zimaa etc), Kiwix for Android will not find the accompanying IDX folder. So you have to have one big ZIM file and a folder with the same name (IDX)
  • When I installed the WikiSource 5-2016 (english) IDX folder next to the ZIM file it is found, and a full text search is attemted resulting in search being completely broken: no results at all (used keyword 'tesla').
  • About 2 seconds after you get the 0 results kiwix crashes and restarts.
  • I've tried other searches but all of them result in no resuls and Kiwix crashing.
  • The crash problem is solved when you remove the IDX folder


  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    Thank you for your (surprising) feedback. This should work. We will have a look again with this specific file (I guess you speak about the Wikisource in English).

    The good news is that we are working to integrate the fulltext index in the ZIM file, so all these manipulations will be soon history.

    Last edit: Emmanuel Engelhart 2016-07-25
  • Menno van der Hurk

    Yes i am talking about the english wikisource.

    Should not search work by finding a word anywhere in the article name? That way you should be able to find any article very fast without needing a big index.

    Please try to fix wikisource. Its a great resource.

    Thanks very much

  • Menno van der Hurk

    I've been trying Kiwix for Android 2.0. It showed up in the Play Store on one of my devices. The new file manager is awesome! The index problem still persists. I can't get the index to work on the EN Wikipedia either. No crashes, but it does not find anything extra, like the index is not used at all. I hope this is fixed when indexes are included in the ZIM file.

    One difference in the new version. On Wikisource (EN) Kiwix now also finds the index file when the ZIM file is in parts. So now it also crashes if you have your ZIM file in parts next to your IDX folder.

    I know this bug is not fixed yet, I just wanted to give an update.

    Great new site BTW! I love the new kiwix.org

  • Menno van der Hurk

    This bug seems to have been fixed!

    I tried the new WikiSource (EN) from november 2016. I installed it on my Android 6.0 phone with Kiwix 2.0,put the IDX folder next to it (zim file in parts). There is a setting now to enable full text search, checked that... et voila! it works. Top result for 'tesla' is now actually 'author: Nicola Tesla' great work! Loads more results!!

    Thanks very much!


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