#674 HTML DOM elements wider than Android screen can't be seen



I use Kiwix for Android version 1.9 on my Samsung Galaxy S2.
Articles like chemicals (e.g. Magnesium) are cut on the left, the first words left are with missing first letters, see screenshot or test yourself.
This is on dewiki without pictures, from 12/2013 on my phone but should be broken on other Galaxy smartphones as well.
It is only in portrait mode, landscape has no cutting.


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  • franc walter

    franc walter - 2014-02-10

    I forgot to mention that I have OS CM 10.2 but it is the same (someone told me) with stock rom.
    Here is the same article in screenshot without the issue in landscape view.

    Last edit: franc walter 2014-02-10
  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    Looks like the table is simply larger than the screen...

  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    • labels: --> zim
  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    • summary: Left side cut on articles with tables --> HTML DOM elements wider than Android screen can't be seen
  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    • labels: zim --> zim, android
  • Emmanuel Engelhart

    An horizontal scrollbar should be visible (if necessary).


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