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Building from Source (WikiPage)
Building from Source Currently the only option to build is via autotools generated configure and makefile. Maybe in the future premake can be used. I do recommend an updated linux(or mingw) install and gcc should be at least 4.8. First you need to install all the [Dependencies]. Building on Linux ./ - if the repository was cloned ./configure make Troubleshooting: curl/curl.h not found: The libcurl from the repository might be incompatible, so download the source from the official website, build and install. cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory create the file /etc/ and fill with /usr/local/lib64 or the path where FMOD libs are installed. Then run sudo ldconfig. Building on Windows In order to build the source under Windows, you'll need the MinGW with GCC and G++ compilers and the MSYS. It's recommended to install them using the Automated Installer. Make sure to install MinGW in a directory where its name doesn't include any spaces(e.g. C:\MinGW) and the bin directory(e.g. C:\MinGW\bin) is listed on the environment variable PATH. Once you have all the dependencies are properly installed, open a MSYS Terminal and in the kissplayer source folder: 1. ./ - if the repository was cloned 2. ./configure 3. mingw32-make Troubleshooting: undefined reference to `imp__curl*': You can either change -lcurl to -lcurldll or add #define CURL_STATICLIB before including curl.h and add -lws2_32 to linker options.
Last updated: 2014-08-11

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