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This list been deprecated, some items have been implemented and others have been moved to the Bug Tracker.

  • Incorporate images within the executable
  • Shortcut to advance or go back the song in 5 seconds with the arrow keys '<-' and '->'
  • Polish Lyrics Pane
    1. Possibility to show or hide - Ticket 22
    2. Set a minimum size to the lyrics pane - Ticket 22
    3. Use another thread to fetch the lyrics, using the only one causes lag
    4. Once we have the lyrics fetcher thread, we must stop the fetching if the user skip the song
    5. Improve the lyrics fetcher, fixing the 'Not found's and 'Error while fetching's - Ticket 22
    6. Create a lyrics table on database - Ticket 22
    7. Create a lyrics editor(changes only locally) - Ticket 22
    8. Store the music as pure text, before passing to the HelpView we add the <p></p> tags - Ticket 22
  • Improve the Sync routine, to exclude not found and keep the songs without changing its ID(maybe a flag on the table to check if it's found)
  • Fix window blinking when resizing on Linux(CANTFIX: FLTK and some WM are the problem, see here)
  • Change background color for the current music line(Instead I've made bold the current music)
  • Save the state of a maximized window
  • Create a ID3tag editor - Ticket 9
  • Use Valgrind to analyze memory leaks - Ticket 10
  • Implement 'Minimize to Tray' feature - Ticket 11
  • Improve Linux support
    1. Create package(deb and/or rpm) - Ticket 20
    2. Check media keys even when minimized
  • The Program must be able to play a single file and react to drag and drop
  • Fix: Have three songs loaded, remove one from its location and try to play it, CRASH! - Ticket 13
  • Setup a configure script and a makefile - Ticket 20
  • Option to disable title scrolling - V0.6.2
  • Option to customize how the songs are displayed on the playlist - Ticket 19
  • On first time, ask the user to add some directories and sync - Ticket 18
  • Open multiple files at once in the same instance(Windows) - Ticket 12
  • Make the application single instance(Seems tricky) - Ticket 12

Author: André Miranda


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