#5 Lyrics not displayed because of letter case


Reported by john agalliadis on ticket #3.

"Only when a song is written in a particular pattern its lyrics are displayed.For example, when I had the song BLUR-SONG 2 written that way it could not find the lyrics but when i renamed it to Blur-Song 2 instantly found the lyrics and displayed them."


  • AndreLDM

    AndreLDM - 2013-10-04

    I can confirm this bug. I can't just convert the string from "BLUR-SONG 2" to "Blur-Song 2" because the search is case sensitive, unfortunately. So "ASP - Coming Home" would be converted to "Asp - Coming Home" and the search would then fail.
    The solution for this bug is another approach to fetch the lyrics :(
    I'll think about it...

  • AndreLDM

    AndreLDM - 2013-10-04
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  • Herman Polloni

    Herman Polloni - 2014-03-10

    One solution would be to rewrite the fetcher to instead of doing string parsing, it uses a web service (I know that ChartLyrics has an XML based API with GET support).

  • AndreLDM

    AndreLDM - 2014-03-10

    By the time I was working to fix the lyrics fetcher, I searched a lot for reliable source, but I couldn't find. ChartLyrics was one of them, the service was very unstable and I couldn't find some songs. Taking a look at it now, seems to be more mature.
    I guess we could do something more evolved:
    The lyrics fetcher would call a lyrics source, which is a interface implemented for each different source. The ChartLyrics would be the first source to be called, if it fails, the current one could be called as a fallback. What do you guys think?

  • AndreLDM

    AndreLDM - 2015-03-21
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