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Last release for 2005 KIso 0.8.3

KIso 0.8.3 contains a few optimizations and a new french translation. For details see changelog.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-12-29

KIso 0.8.2c release

- Fixed detection of mcrypt.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-07-08

KIso 0.8.2b release

KISO 0.8.2b ChangeLog:

- Rework of application detection.
- Fixed a bug in the global configuration settings.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-07-06

KIso 0.8.2 release

KIso 0.8.2 is there. It contains alot of usability and stability fixes and support for conversion of c2d images in alpha phase. For more details please read the changelog.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-07-02

KIso 0.8.1 release

This release fixes a few bugs and introduces a hungarian translation as well as support for conversion from img to iso images and a new directory view.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-05-15

KIso 0.8 release

After a long time a new release of KIso (0.8) is out.
There have been many changes since 0.7.
Read the Changelog for details.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2005-04-30

KIso 0.7

KIso 0.7 is out.
This release marks the end of the alpha phase I hope :)
Next release will be BETA.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-10-23

KIso 0.6

KIso 0.6 is out please read the Changelog for a complete list of changes.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-09-11

New Release 0.5.2

New entry for KDE contextmenu.
Fixed makefile.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-05-22

KIso 0.5.1

KIso 0.5.1 contains a bugfix I recommend to update.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-05-19

KIso 0.5

KIso 0.5 is out !
See Changelog for more details.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-05-17

KIso 0.4.3

New release of KIso.
Read Changelog for details.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-05-05

KIso 0.4.2

KIso 0.4.2 ships with new commandline options and a fix for problems with mixed mode CDs

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-04-23

KIso 0.4.1

New KIso 0.4.1 released today.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-04-16

KIso 0.4 is out

A new release of KIso is out.
KIso needs libcdio now.
Read changelog for more details.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-04-11

KIso 0.3 released.

Release of KIso 0.3 with many changes in the UI some new functions and a spanish translation.
See CHANGELOG for more details.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-03-30

KIso 0.2b uploaded.

The KIso 0.2 download has been replaced through KIso 0.2b due to some compiler problems on certain systems.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-01-17

KIso 0.2 has been released today.

KIso 0.2 has been released today. It's a complete rewrite in C++.
Hope it will be useful :)

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-01-17

End of KISO 0.1.x and new KIso 0.2

Due to the fact that KIso 0.2 is nearly ready for a release, I decided to take the "Gambas" KISO away from sourceforge.
You can still download it on the homepage or wait for KIso 0.2 which will hopefully be released within the next week.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2004-01-10

KISO 0.1.1

Kiso 0.1.1 is out.
It's compatible with Gambas 0.7 now.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2003-10-04

KISO 0.1 Released

KISO 0.1 Alpha has been released on Sourceforge today.
There is an english and a german version available.

Posted by Stephan Gans 2003-09-11

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