I just tried to get inverse search for pdf working on kubuntu karmic, but apparently you need texlive 2008 for the synctex feature, and this is not included in ubuntu yet. Did you find a way to make it work without texlive 2008?


2010/1/25 Christian Trippe <trippe_mailinglisten@gmx.de>

I have a question regarding forward search with Kile and Okular using synctex.
I am using KDE 4.4 rc2 and Kile 2.1 beta 3.

If I add '-synctex=1' to my pdflatex tool I can nicely use the inverse search
with okular.
Also Forward Search is working form the command line when calling okular with
okular --unique 'file.pdf#src:linenumber file.tex'

So I tried to make a tool ForwardPDF which uses the class ForwardDVI and only
changed the 'from' and 'to' option from dvi to pdf , as I had the hope that
this would work. (Okular uses the same command line syntax for forward search
for pdf and dvi files as far as I know.)
However it does not. It opens the pdf, but does not go to the correct
page/lines in the pdf.

So my question is, is there a way to use forward search for pdf from kile?

Kind regards,

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