Hello all,

I am writing my phd thesis using Kile and I found it (almost) perfect !!
But I miss something: change bars to emphasize modifications between different releases given to my directors. My question is: is there already something like "modification mode" in Kile ?

If not, I suggest:
- a modification mode that automatically adds bars when modifying something
- a way to erase the bars when finalizing the version

to do this, I have seen the package changebar ( ftp://ftp.inria.fr/pub/TeX/CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/changebar/ ), used with
\setcounter{changebargrey}{20} % grey level of bars

and then, in the document:
\begin{changebar} ...\end{changebar}

or \cbstart ... \cbend

I think this is the role the Kile to handle this and it would be really cool...even if we can do it manually.
I have work for you guys! :)