Can both the TeX, etc from  TeXLive2004 and tetex exist on the same machine?  Kile wants tetex and the associated help files.

Last year, at about this time, I installed the entire TeXLive2004 from the DVD. I'm using KDE; I'll check the version number when I get home.

Sunday, I down loaded Kile and its required packages (including tetex and dviutils) from SuSe9.2 DVD. I couldn't compile from Kile nor from a terminal window; got the response (Fatal format file error; I'm stymied).

A response to my Help posting on comp.tex.tex pointed me to the UK FAQ  on Fatal format ..
see the url below.

"Kile doesn't change a thing about (pdf)latex, so this is a latex
problem...  I think you have to regenerate your format file.  Read the
documentation of your distribution on how to do this.  (Do you use tetex?)
See <>. "
After reading the FAQ,  I used my Linux tools to remove Kile, tetex and the six packages that required tetex.

Once I restored the link from /usr/bin/latex to the executable latex in /usr/TeX/ ..., both latex and pdflatex worked.

But I no longer have a dvips to link to.  I expect the same will be true for xdvi..