Dear Kile developers team.

At first, I would like to thank the kile team for usefull software. 

I have the local texfm tree in home directory  ~/.texlive2007/texmf/.  Using the "texhash" I create the database.
The local variables set:

Then I include some package from my local tree and compile (using latex) from konsole, I get as result the dvi file. But if I compile the same tex-document using kile program, there is a error "File `typa.sty' not found. The  ~/.kde/share/config/kilerc include the TeXPaths=/home/lui/.texlive2007/texmf/:./latex/:../EPS:. variable.

Why kile do not use TEXMFHOME   TEXMFLOCAL variables? how use my local texmf-tree?

$ kile --version
Qt: 4.8.0
KDE: 4.7.4 (4.7.4)
Kile: 2.1.1