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From: Markus Meissner
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 9:14 AM
Subject: [Kile-devel] Docking for Sidebar - bibtex?

I really think the Sidebar and message bar should move to docking Widgets for
next kde4 release. The handles of the sidebar steal to much Space from the
source view and is therefor obsolete.
For first time use, you can move Open File, Files and Projects and Structure
into one Notepad-Docking Widget. And so on, I personally would move the
Symbols on the Bottom if the orientation of the categories is vertical instead
of horizontal.

What do you think of integrating a Bibtex Database into Kile?? Thinking of
reftex on emacs it is pretty useful to search for refs.
I'm thinking of storing entries in a database and exporting used refs into a
bibtex file. The database model makes it easier to share and categorize - like
bibdesk on OS X.
I'm currently using categories of anatomy, biomechanics and material science
but in hand coded bibtex files It would be nice not taking care about this.
Thumbnails of existing PDF's would be a nice feature but not necessary. If you
like this idea I would spend the next 3 weeks integrating such a solution. 

Cheers Markus

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