i have been using Kile 2.1 b3 on Ubuntu 9.10, KDE 4.2.0 since this is the latest unstable version.
i have had 2 problems.
1.) Auto-complete feature: There r 2 Auto-complete features. one is for the latex commands, this is working fine. the second is for the previously entered text in the current file i.e if i enter 3 letters, the list of possible matches among the previously entered words in the current file should show up. This feature works in stable versons of Kile but NOT in the unstable versions.
How to fix this problem?? any help from the development & users team would be helful.
2.) whenever i type in T, it automatically changes to TeX. for L,  it changes to LaTeX.
if i type in ''ra'', it changes to \rightarrow.
what r these bugs?? is there a workaround for these problems??


Amogh Rajanna
Graduate Student, Dept of ECE
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

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