On 06/14/2013 11:00 AM, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote:
Did not get any response for my first proposal, so not sure how active this list is. Do you prefer if I rather open a bug report?

I remembered a new minor issue. The includegraphics dialog is something I like very much about Kile. However, there is a minor error in my opinion if the user specifies both an angle AND height or width. Kile will then first add the height/width, followed by the angle. This means that the figure is first scaled, and then rotated, which I think is something the user seldom wants.

Example would be something like [width=0.8\textwidth,angle=270] (I often have to do this to eps figures which are incorrectly rotated very often). This would then make the height of the figure equal to 80 % of the textwidth. If the angle is specified first, the result would be that the width of the figure is equal to 80% of the textwidth, which I think is what the user expects?

The patch is very simple, just moving the angle check to the top in IncludeGraphics::getOptions

Thanks for the patches! To avoid patches to "get lost", I'd recommend that you upload them to the review board


The maintainer can be quite busy at times, but he'll now start to have more time to work on Kile again ;)