Hey, thanks for this!  That's pretty cool.

The reason why I don't use SVN or some such is that I find it really confusing.  :-[    
I have tried to set up a system in the past but ended up making a bigger mess of my files than I had to begin with, because I kept forgetting to check things in and out.  But I might have another try.

On 09/01/2010 02:01 PM, Martin Weis wrote:
Hello Mander!

Am 18.08.2010 18:50, schrieb mander:
I know that I can archive a project, including all the external files I 
have included, by right-clicking in the "Files and Projects" view and 
selecting "Archive".  Is there any way that I can do this using some 
kind of script or terminal command?  It would be better if I could tell 
Kile to automatically create an archive of the current project when I 
close Kile, or something similar.

A bit of context:  My thesis has many, many tables and images that I 
keep as separate files and call with a custom "InputTable" command to 
reduce confusion and keep the main file readable when I am writing or 
editing.  I like to run a script using cron that makes a .tar file of my 
entire thesis project and emails it to me at set intervals for backup.  
At the moment I am using a beginner-level bash script that feeds a list 
of files to tar, but it gets to be a bit of a pain to keep the list of 
files up to date.
Why not use a versioning system? This does exacly provide such
functionality, and you can work on different locations/computers plus
you maintain old versions. You could put the repository on
webstorage/other backup computer...

On the other hand you could parse the file yourself, the project files
should be in there ;-)
e.g. like:
sed -e '/\[item:/!d' -e 's/\[item:\(.*\)\]/\1/' projectname.kilepr

I wrote some bash script to add the used image files to svn, this might
be helpful for your scripting, too (throw out the '| xargs svn add'):


if [ -z $1 ]
echo "usage: $0 <maindocument.log>"
echo "looks up all images included into the document, calls svn add on them"
echo "argument <maindocument.log> is the LOGFILE!"
exit 1

#echo "Found these files:"
#echo "------------------"
sed -n 's|.*<\([^,>]*\),[^<]*|\1|gp' $1 | xargs svn add

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