I am having problems wit spell-check in Kile. I have installed Aspell and if I type in terminal

aspell --encoding=iso-8859-1 -lpt_BR check filename.tex

I get the spell check working properly.

If a request inside Kile for  spell check in , Portuguese ( Brazilian), all accent words are broken for the spell checker in the accented character.

I read on some foruns that I colud correct this problem changing the file kdeglobals  like this


But this procedure do not solve the problem on my case. I tried also , KSpell_Encoding=1 and  KSpell_Encoding=iso-8859-1

So How can I do to kile pass the parameter enconding=iso-8859-1 for  Aspell ?

thanks in advance


PS: I have on my PC the Ubuntu 8.10 with Gnome and I tryed yesterday
sudo apt-get install kde
in order to deal with this issue, Using Kcontrol but It is still do not working.