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Review request for Kile and Michel Ludwig.
By Eugene Shalygin.

Updated Nov. 17, 2013, 6:34 p.m.


Info::lastModifiedFile() removed, but KileInfo::lastModifiedFile() is still there. Moreover, it gained one more argument to make possible retaining the previous behaviour.

There is code duplication in KileInfo::lastModifiedFile() and LaTeX::updateBibs(). To simplify these functions and de-duplicate code I would add a method to KileInfo with the signature:

QStringList dependencies(DependecyType type, KileDocument::TextInfo* info = NULL, bool includingInfo = false, QString* baseDir = NULL);

The function would make possible to retrieve both the base directory and the dependencies list and make KileInfo::lastModifiedFile() unneeded.
DependecyType could be:
enum DependecyType {

Maybe QStringList dependencies(QFlags<DependecyType> types, ...) would have even more sence.
Repository: kile


Kind of addition to

This patch takes part of Info::lastModifiedFile() that works with file list, and splits it into  free function. The last one is called from Info::lastModifiedFile() and from LaTeX::updateBibs().
This allows updateBibs(true) to avoid implicit check of the master document.

Michel, seem like I forgot to add you to reviewers one year ago and you missed this review request. It is exceptional useful for LivePreview. Everytime I see my wife spending twice the time I do in waiting for LivePreview results, I recall this patch :)

Diffs (updated)

  • src/documentinfo.h (575a382)
  • src/documentinfo.cpp (7ea3d6f)
  • src/kileinfo.h (e1efe0e)
  • src/kileinfo.cpp (419c5b9)
  • src/kilestdtools.cpp (d68f9a8)
  • src/utilities.h (afb3af2)
  • src/utilities.cpp (9b73e6b)

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