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Review request for Kile and Michel Ludwig.
By Eugene Shalygin.

Summary (updated)

Add an action to reset results of automatic bibliography backend detection

Description (updated)


at least one use-case was forgotten when we designed bibbackend interfaces. Here it is:
1. Configure sources for using Biblatex/Biber
2. Compile (Kile stores autodetected backend)
3. Change sources to use BibTeX

Now Kile uses autodetected Biber and compilation fails.

Proposed patch adds an menu item to reset stored autodetection tool. This returns state of tools to its origin. Thus it might cover another forgotten use-cases.

P.S. Perhaps action title can be shorter. Can not find such a formulation.

Testing (updated)


Diffs (updated)

  • src/kiletoolmanager.h (ea0aea4)
  • src/kiletoolmanager.cpp (574e3f7)
  • src/kileui.rc (eb29555)

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