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Review request for Kile.
By Eugene Shalygin.

Updated Sept. 13, 2012, 8:42 p.m.


Avaliable bibliogaphy tools are loaded from configuration. Actions for every tool are created. No more "ifs".

There are few questions, still :)
1. Is it possible (by Kile design) that a user changes tools configurations and compilation is running in the same time? For the patch it means: do we need to check (in Manager::bibliographyBackendSelectedByUser()) does selected by user bibtol exist? It will be no harm if we do not check, but that can confuse a user.

2. We have slot Manager::reloadToolsMap() which should be invoked after tools configuration has changed. So far I do not do this. Shall I just invoke it from tools editor widget? Or we can subscribe to some magic event?

In other aspects I'm much more happy with these results of our discussions. Hope you will be to :)


As we can detect what backend is used by Biblatex only when it prints it out, we need to store that information for next updates of bibliography

This patch use dirty approach: it just stores this as dynamic property of TextInfo object and uses it afterwards. I believe we must store this information somewhere or parse \usepackage{biblatex}.
Maybe in the future Biblatex will provide some other setup commands for specifiyng backend which will be needed to parse also.
I understand, that dynamic property is not the best place to store it. From the other hand, it is kind of local information in this approach, because property name is not used outside.


Manual testing
Bugs: 268047

Diffs (updated)

  • src/data/kilestdtools-win.rc (85e70d4)
  • src/data/kilestdtools.rc (765a604)
  • src/documentinfo.h (27ad09f)
  • src/documentinfo.cpp (2c3a3bb)
  • src/kile.cpp (8061b54)
  • src/kileproject.h (e77035a)
  • src/kileproject.cpp (dd4087d)
  • src/kilestdtools.h (769e8ca)
  • src/kilestdtools.cpp (0c6e5f0)
  • src/kiletool.h (2b6c035)
  • src/kiletool.cpp (4e2fe8d)
  • src/kiletoolmanager.h (86e2258)
  • src/kiletoolmanager.cpp (d06e36f)
  • src/kileui.rc (e9f2b92)
  • src/outputinfo.h (096c708)
  • src/outputinfo.cpp (8d18adc)
  • src/widgets/toolconfigwidget.cpp (1845291)

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