Hello and congratulations for the new version!

I use Debian and I only overwrite packages from the repository when strictly necessary. Is there any "what's new?" or screenshots?

Again, I can repeat my wishlists:

* The table of international characters only deals with letters, but not with other symbols. Symbols like ¿ ¡ etc are missing (and Spanish is the third language in the world, after Chinese and English :-)  ).

* Any international character that can be entered by the keyboard be saved as its Latex counterpart (eg you enter 'é' and it is saved as '\'e', you enter 'ñ' and it is saved as '\~n', you enter '¿' and it is saved as '?`', etc. Auf dem List gibt es viele deutsche Leute, darum glaube ich, Sie würden es für den Umlaut und die 'ß' mögen.

* This one more difficult to implement: a kind of poor WYSIWYG, like x-symbol in emacs (a screenshot in http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net/ ). It would be useful for visual clarity and in order to be aware of typos. Or maybe the possibility of integration of x-symbol itself into kile?

* Mini-bug in v1.9: when you write \ref, you get a menu with a list of the labels of equations, but other labels (eg, of figures) are missing.

* With \cite, not menu at all (v1.9). Why not a menu with the labels of the references?


On 27/07/07, Michel Ludwig <michel.ludwig@kdemail.net> wrote:
Hi all,

on behalf of Kile's development team, I'm very pleased to announce the
immediate availability of the first beta release for the Kile 2.0 series!
Kile 2.0 will be the last version made for KDE 3.x.

As usual, the new release can be downloaded from Kile's homepage:


Compilation instructions can be found here:


The purpose of this beta release is to get as much feedback as possible. So,
we are looking forward to hearing from you! You can contact the developers
through the development mailing list:


If you should prefer a more formal setting and want to report a bug, you can
use KDE's bug tracking system:


Alright, that's it, have fun with Kile!

Michel, for Kile's development team

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