• David Sanders

    David Sanders - 2006-11-11


    I've been using kile for some time for all my LaTeX editing, and it's generally great!

    I've just noticed the following problem (bug?), however:
    To label my figures, I tend to put the label inside the caption, since I once read (and confirmed
    with tests) that this is more likely to result in the correct cross-reference.

    For example,
    A figure.

    However, kile does not seem to recognise the labels inside the caption, so that the automatic
    cross-reference insertion does not work.

    If I'm doing something silly, please let me know

    • Y-man

      Y-man - 2007-10-12

      same problem here with kile 1.9.3 (sorry for the late reaction). Will test it later on with 2.0b3

      • Thomas Braun

        Thomas Braun - 2007-10-13


        this is intended because it would be really difficult to search inside tags for tags.
        If put the label command after the caption command everything works and kile will also recognize your label.

        For example:
        \caption{A Figure}



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