• Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-01-20

    I read a text about combining WYSIWYG and WYWIWYM. I always thought WYWIWYM
    was the best of the 2 but I never thought to combine the 2. If you don't
    understand what I mean, read the attached pdf document. If you don't have time
    to read, look at the screenshot on page 5. I hope what is done with the wiki
    editor is also possible with a modern LaTeX editor like kile. In fact, it
    should be easier to do with kile because there is no online-offline issue.

  • Fabian Menges

    Fabian Menges - 2010-02-10

    what you are looking for exists and is called lyx, see

  • Matthias Pospiech

    Richtext syntax highlighting and other request for previews are useful.
    Answering these request by pointing to lyx is not an answer it is simply a
    denial of listening to users (I know I am harsh, but I have read this answer
    too often). Maybe it is not possible because the underlying kwrite classes do
    not allow such functionality - that would be a valid answer, but still it
    would be great if the editor component would allow more.

    Any what is most close is rather latex-preview of emacs not lyx. And emacs
    definitely has not an graphical approach.

  • Falk Heße

    Falk Heße - 2010-05-31

    Thanks pospiech. Your comments clarified the issue more or less. I always
    wondered why Kile did never integrated KLaTeXFormula for example in order to
    have a nice preview of formulas. So the problem is the underlying editor .


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