fwd and inverse search

  • Etienne

    Etienne - 2005-05-14


    I have problems with fwd and inverse search: fwd does not work at all while inverse search only works on page 1 on my dvi file.

    I'm using the package srcltx as usual with the default kile configuration. Do I have to configure anything else?

    • magicpirx

      magicpirx - 2005-05-15

      Forward search:
      select configuration 'LaTeX+ForwardDVI'.

      Inverse Search:
      Do not include package srcltx. Kile is prepared to communicate with modern versions of teTeX. Goto 'Settings-->Configure Kile-->Build' and choose tool 'LaTeX' with configuration 'Modern'. That's all!

    • Etienne

      Etienne - 2005-05-15

      Thank you for your message. Inverse search works fine ;-)
      But forward search not. It's a simple ViewDVI although I've selected Latex+ForwardDVI in the project options.

    • Johan Blok

      Johan Blok - 2005-05-22

      Indeed, is kdvi problem will be solved in kde 3.4.1. I have a workaround where kile opens a unique dvi viewer, than runs a tiny script:


      sleep 2
      kdvi --unique $1

    • Etienne

      Etienne - 2005-05-16

      I found in a forum that forward search is a kde problem (kde 3.4.0) and that all will work fine with kde 3.4.1. Is it true?


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