I use Kile 2.1 beta on Mac OS 10.6 using fink with KDE 4.4.1-3.

I use MacTex 2010.

Files encoding format is Western European ISO (ISO 8859-1).

I'm now writing in a document in portuguese language.

When I'm typing words on Kile that requires special characters with accent
marks ( e.g. `, ˜, ˆ ) or even special characters like single quotation marks
( ' ) and double quotation marks ( " ) the Kile editor is having strange

Evert time I try to type a special character the Kile puts some small
underline symbol bellow this character and when a try to include a a second
special character the cursor jumps back to that position with the small
underline, deleting everything between the current cursor position and the
first special character.

And other strange behavior associated with the same special characters, like
duplicating the character just after the accent mark.

If I copy and paste a text that has those character no problem occurs. It is
difficult to explain so I give some example:

I just Copy and Paste the following line to Kile and it is just fine:

Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Now I will try to type the same sentence, and bellow is what I got up to the
moment just before typing the second "é":

Wikip_'_éedia, a enciclp

Then what I got after typing the second "é":


I cannot even type LaTeX quotation marks like `bla ' ' because I can not type a the character by the second time.

I know that I can use LaTeX command like \'{e} but half of document is already
written with accent marks, if I open a tex file that has those accent marks I
can view them fine and I have no problems to generate pdf. Other editors like
texmaker and TeXShop just work fine, but I really want to use Kile.

Can some one please help me?

Thanks a lot.

Amorim III