How to use Bibtex with Kile?

  • Anonymous - 2004-08-10


    I am trying out Kile 1.6.3 on KDE 3.2/Mandrake 10.0, but cannot work out how to use Bibtex; the hints in the post "Kile and Bibtex" do not seem to fit my problem.

    1) I have got my references in a separate .bib-file. Can I locate this file anywhere or does it have to be in the same directory as my "testdoc.tex"-file? For now it is in the same directory.

    2) I insert a bibliography via the menu LaTex | \bibliography{}, which gives me a line \bibliography{testdoc} in  "testdoc.tex". If I have understood the previous post correctly, then my bib-file must be called "testdoc.bib", so that's what I have named it.

    3) When I want to add a citation I go to the dropbox on the menubar and choose cite. That gives me a small dialogue, with a dropbox labeled "References". However, this dropbox if empty. So it would appear that the .bib-file isn't found, even though I have included in from the menu Project | Add file and it shows up in the project window on the left hand side. Am I missing something?

    Another, less urgent, question:
    When I get things working I would like to use more than one .bib-file. Does that work with Kile?

    Best regards

    • Jeroen Dierckx

      Jeroen Dierckx - 2004-08-11

      Have you added the .bib-file to the project? I guess that would help.


    • Anonymous - 2004-08-11

      Yes, via the menu: Project | Add files to project.

      When I run: Build | BibTex I get an error-message:
      Launcehed: cd: /home/me/LaTexTest' && bibtex 'testdoc'
      Process failed.

      LaTexTest is the directory where testdoc.tex and testdoc.bib recides.

      I have no problems building a dvi-file without references, though.

    • zoloo

      zoloo - 2004-11-03

      When you include your biblio (say /home/jack/biblio.bib) in the latex file you must type \bibliographystyle{unsrt}
      without the .bib but with the path.
      Then run latex, then bibtex file.tex (or alt - in kile) then latex twice.



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