Anonymous - 2010-01-06

Hi *.

Thanks for the great project.

I have static word wrap enabled, and I would like to know if you are aware of
the following two bugs in version 2.0.83 ( I was not able to find anything

1) When I comment a paragraph, it doesn't comment lines close to the limit
well. In other words, if my limit is 80 characters and a line is exactly

80 characters, then it would add a comment, split the line and leave the
second line uncommented. Which means I have to manually comment

those extra lines.

2) this is more difficult to explain: If I edit a line in the middle and it is
forced to split the line, then it would make a mess at the following line. I
am not able to reproduce it all the time, but it happens always in the worst
moments... I will try to be more careful on this.

Thanks for your help!