Keyboard Shortcut for {}

  • ralph

    ralph - 2004-10-27


    On German keyboards the keys for '{' and '}' are not placed very well, so you have to do some finger acrobatics to type them.
    That is why I'm looking for a shortcut to type these brackets and place the cursor in between them, just like Shift+Alt+D does for ^{}.

    In order to do so, I've tried khotkeys, but it does not seem to be able to type combinations with AltGr.
    Then I've tried dcop scripting, and produced this:


    LINE=$(dcop kile ViewCursorInterface#6-5 cursorLine)
    COLUMN=$(dcop kile ViewCursorInterface#6-5 cursorColumn)
    dcop kile EditInterface insertText#6-5 $LINE $COLUMN {}

    This does work as long as do not change the active document, because the numbers (e.g. #6-5) will change.

    So, is there any other possibility to create such a shortcut? Or maybe the developers can build in a function like this in the next release, so I can set s shortcut for that?


    • samuel_biton

      samuel_biton - 2005-01-30

      Hello (again...)

      sorry, I miss this thread whend I search somme help to configure
      a {}-shortcut

      But, for the moment the action "brace" does not appear in the
      menu...therefore I can't assign a new shortcut to the action
      Is it really possible under Kile 1.6 ? (or is it needed to use 1.7)

      Best regards


      • Jeroen Wijnhout

        Jeroen Wijnhout - 2005-01-30

        I think this should work with 1.6.3, if it doesn't try 1.7. I've tested this with 1.7 and it works there.


    • samuel_biton

      samuel_biton - 2005-02-01

      Thank you for the answer. In fact I the installation of the 1.7 version
      failed for the moment on my Mandrake 10.0.
      Nevertheless it is in fact very easy to use only atl-gr 4 to get the { and let then Kile to the %C} automatically !


      Samuel Biton

    • Jeroen Wijnhout

      Jeroen Wijnhout - 2004-10-29

      You can create a user tag. In kile-1.7.1 go to LaTeX->User Tags->Edit User Tags. Give a name ("brackets" for example) and type the LaTeX code ({}), then press Add and Apply. You can now type {} quickly using Ctrl+Shift+1 (or use the LaTeX->User Tags menu). This shortcut can be changed in Settings->Configure Shortcuts.



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