Changed won't save to projects

  • Karl Schwede

    Karl Schwede - 2008-09-22

    So I have this problem that if I add files to a project, the changes won't save if the project is on a mounted network drive. (I have write-permission, I can easily go and change the text of the project file manually to add files to it). If the project file is on the local machine, it seems to work fine.

    On the other hand, I really want my latex files on the mounted network drive. The one work-a-round I've found is to store the project files locally, and simply add the files on the network drive to it.

    Any thoughts?

    • Karl Schwede

      Karl Schwede - 2008-11-13

      Ok, I'll do that. It really is an SSHFS folder though (not an AFS share). At one point I was mounting an AFS share there, but no longer, but I got used to the name, and just kept it.

      It's really odd though, because somehow I can save documents (mostly .tex files) to that location without problem. They can be either new or existing documents. I can run latex on those documents as well.

      I can also create a new project in that location, and it does create the file (although its rather empty).

      Perhaps I can ask whether there is something being done differently when saving project files vs when saving documents/.tex/.bib/.bst/.etc files? Are the project files kept open in some different way?


    • Thomas Braun

      Thomas Braun - 2008-09-22


      some info is missing:
      - kile version
      - kde version
      - distro
      - type of network share (samba, nfs, ...)

      You could also try to compile kile yourself with debugging enabled and post the relevant debug output here. This is no bug that we are aware off.


    • Karl Schwede

      Karl Schwede - 2008-09-23
      • Kile Version : I'm running kile 2.0.2 which I compiled myself (but I had been running 2.0.1, and the problem was there too)
      • Distro : I'm running ubuntu-Hardy
      • I'm currently running it inside xfce4, but it also has problems in kde/kubuntu (which is kde version 3.5.9)
      • It's an sshfs network share

      I guess I could try compiling with debugging enabled.

      • Thomas Braun

        Thomas Braun - 2008-10-06

        >I guess I could try compiling with debugging enabled.

        please do that and report back.


    • Karl Schwede

      Karl Schwede - 2008-10-07

      So perhaps you could help me determine where exactly the problem is. I created a new project in both cases and did NOT create an additional file to go with it.

      In one case (BadProject.txt), the project-file is located on the sshfs drive. In the other case (GoodProject.txt) the project-file is located in my (local) home directory. In either case, the file being added is located on the sshfs drive (it is the same file).

      In both cases I add one file to the project in the exact same way. However, if I open either project again, only in the case that the project file located in my local-home directory, were the changes added. In the other one (including looking at the raw text of the project file), there seems to be nothing added.

      So as not to fill peoples inboxes with large amounts of text, I'm storing the debug-output at the following locations.

      also I'm including the text of the project creation (in either location)

      I'm honestly not seeing something in the debug-output that jumps out at me and says "this is problem".

      • Thomas Braun

        Thomas Braun - 2008-10-07


        well I also don't see anything suspicious.

        I just added a bit more debug output at the critical place in kile source code.
        So just grab the stable svn version of kile and please try.
        For some hints see

        Thanks for your help,

        PS: I found quite a few bug reports about sshfs and the corresponding KIO library, see e.g.

        • Karl Schwede

          Karl Schwede - 2008-10-30

          Hm, sorry I've taken a while to get back to this. I've been traveling. Unfortunately, I haven't really done development-type stuff in nearly a decade so could you (or someone else) perhaps walk me through what I need to type in order to download the latest version via svn. I'm having trouble making sense of the directions on the kile faq-type pages.

          I have subversion installed.

          Also, those links you mentioned about sshfs and the KIO library don't seem to work.

          Thanks again.

    • Thomas Braun

      Thomas Braun - 2008-10-30

      To get a svn copy of kile call the following command on the command line:
      svn co svn://

    • Thomas Braun

      Thomas Braun - 2008-11-08


      I took at look at your debug logs (thanks) and could not see an obvious problem.
      One question just out of curiosity: You are really using a sshfs share and not and AFS share as your folder /home/kschwede/afs/ suggets?

      Maybe kile is not 100% KIO safe, I can't judge at the moment.

      It would be best you could file a bug report at and explain briefly the problem with a link to this forum.


  • Jan Lorenz

    Jan Lorenz - 2009-12-22

    I have probably the same problem with a fat32 partition, where I store my
    latex data.

    Everything is fine with kile working in that partition (compiling, saveing,
    reading). Except for starting a project there.

    When I select 'New project' and try to save someproject in a directory on that
    partition, then I get the error:

    **The file /home/common/papers/pap.kilepr could not be loaded, as it was not possible to read from it.

    Check if you have read access to this file.**

    The partition is mounted with rwxrwxrwx and with user:group being my
    user:group which is the only user of the computer.

    I am using kile 2.1beta.


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