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harvard package

  • Harry Venables

    Harry Venables - 2008-03-18

    I want to use a harvard referencing package within Kile: 1) where can I find one and 2) how do I install it?

    Can anyone help?


    • Mauriennais

      Mauriennais - 2008-03-31

      You can find this here :

      So, as the "install" file say :
      1. edit 'Makefile' setting 'bstdir', 'stydir', 'htmldir' and 'docdir' to values
      appropriate to your LaTeX installation (viewing previous message here :

      1. type 'make install'

      2. make sure 'bstdir' is in the paths for BST input (probably environment
        variable BSTINPUTS on the latest web2c installation)

      3. make sure 'stydir' is in the paths for TeX input (probably environment
        variable TEXINPUTS on the latest web2c installation)

      4. (optional) type 'make install_doc' to install documentation

      5. (optional) cd to $docdir and type 'make' to create postscript version of documentation.
        If necessary edit 'Makefile' in $docdir to produce output other than

      Then, you must type "texhash" to refresh links in LaTeX.

    • dvase

      dvase - 2008-03-18

      You will need to install the proper package into your system's LaTeX installation, something that can't be done directly from Kile.

      The following links should be of some help:

      The package management program on your system might have the package already, on ubuntu the package is called "texlive-bibtex-extra". Alternatively, if you don't mind compiling programs from source, miktex has a package management utility for *nix systems (



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