Kile for MAC & Windows...

  • Selene007

    Selene007 - 2007-08-15

    I am an user of MAC & Windows and I use LATEX for my scientific work.
    I have seen a lot of LATEX processor and I think the best that I have found is KILE.
    In this way, I would like to ask for a MAC & Windows version.

    ¿Do you think this is possible? Maybe I am a dreamer...

    Anyway...thanks in advance.

    • HCl

      HCl - 2007-08-30

      Hi Selene007!

      I am using Kile 1.9.3 on Mac OS 10.4. You need to install Apple's X11 for Mac OS and KDE3 via Darwinports/MacPorts. Then it is possible to compile Kile to run in an X11-Window on Mac OS.


    • Thomas Braun

      Thomas Braun - 2007-08-15


      KDE4 will run on Win/Linux/Mac so in principle (after porting) kile could work on mac also.


    • Selene007

      Selene007 - 2007-08-15

      Hi Thomas!

      Sorry, what's KD4? Maybe a new version of Kile?

      See you,

    • Thomas Braun

      Thomas Braun - 2007-08-17

      Hi Selene007,

      it is a typo. KDE4 is the next major version of KDE which is planned to be released in october.

      And it also must have been very late at my last posting because also the current version of kile runs ons MacOSX. Read readme.macosX from the kile tarball.


  • Anonymous - 2011-06-14

    I can't get Kile to install from macports on my machine running OS X 10.6,
    running on x86 architecture @ 64-bit. Is there a way to install kile on my

  • Henrik Pantle M.A.

    I use Texmaker wich is not
    the original kile, but in comparison with the ease of installing its nearly
    the same. I'm REALLY happy with it. ;.)


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