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  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2008-09-11

    OK so how can i insert the name of a package even if it is not a valid latex one ? All the tests i made failed, even if i try to insert a valid latex name...

    And for the % i understand that it is used for comment as for math mode, but it would bi nice to go over this limitation...

    I made a test with the other tabs than user, and no pb, if i put my symbols in my ~/.kde/kile... and rename the default directory ones in /usr/apps/kile... as .old mine works perfectly. So i have 10 tabs just for music, which is very powerfull...

    The newline and tab would be nice as well in the symbols, because soome of the lilypond commands need this to be pleasant to use, like for instance :

    in latex.

    I know that this code is inserted with a tool bar and not a symbol but why not having the same behaviour for all the ways to enter a command ?

    Anyway my job is on progress, with your help. Thanks again.

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2008-12-02

    Gesymb is in kile's sources, in /src/kile/symbols.

    Otherwise did you tried the script i put in the thread "creating user symbols" ?
    Ha maybe you don't use konqueror...

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2010-12-24


    I put this thread up because I still have troubles using my symbols. As I use
    kile only for writing lilypond files, and as I have thousants of symbols, I
    replaced all the existing symbols by mine, using the 10 directories. So they
    appeared in the tabs, but the big problem is that in order to have easy-to-
    understand symbols I made some or them quite big, up to 100 px, and with
    colors. But if they are displayed with the colors in the user tab, thet are
    only in black and white in the other ones, and all reduced to the same small
    size, that make them totally unusable. So I can't use kile anymore, except if
    there is a solution to restablish the old behavior that displayed my symbols

    Thanks in advance.

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