live preview - reload/refresh document

  • ssgross

    ssgross - 2013-08-27

    First kile post. I have been using kile-git since live preview was included.
    After recent update, the preview does not refresh with changes. The scroll bar on the live preview side disappears, so at least the window decoration is refreshing - just not the content. If I change any settings in the configuration menu, and save, then the live
    preview tool restarts and shows changes.
    I have confirmend this is not an okular problem, since an instance of okular launched after compiling automatically refreshes when it detects changes in the pdf.
    I have tried deleting all live-preview content in something like ~/.kde4/share/apps/kile/live-preview and restarting kile. This is not successful.
    There was a quirk in the texlive update that others have posted about - to resolve I completely removed texlive, and everything that depends on it, namely kile, and reinstalled all of this fresh. I don't know if this was the cause or not.

  • Ondřej Kunčar

    Ondřej Kunčar - 2013-09-12

    I have the same problem. Are you saying you solved the problem by uninstalling texlive and all dependencies and then installing again all the packages of the same version as before?


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