qt and kde 3.2.

  • carlos

    carlos - 2004-11-11

    Thanks for this magnifique program. I'm using version 1.6 but the new version looks even better.
    Trying to install the last one I got the problem: qt-3.2 not found.
    I've got qt-3.1 nad kde 3.1-12 red hat
    I now that the qt32 library is needed. The problem is that I don't have root access to my machine. Can I install qt-3.2 as non-root? Do I need kde3.2.*?

    thanks a lot
    - carlos

    • Jeroen Wijnhout

      Jeroen Wijnhout - 2004-11-12

      For kile-1.7.1 you need at least KDE 3.2, which in turn needs Qt 3.2. You can install all of this in your home directory. Install KDE 3.3 and Qt 3.3 while your at it.

      Install Qt in the $HOME/.qt directory (create it first).
      mkdir .qt
      cd .qt
      tar zxf qt-x11-3.2.tar.gz (actually name is probably different)
      mv qt-x11-3.2 3.2
      cd 3.2
      ./configure && make etc.
      See http://developer.kde.org/build/compile_kde3_3.html
      for more details.

      Configure the modules kdelibs, kdebase and kdegraphics as follows:
      ./configure --prefix=$HOME/.kde --with-qt-dir=$HOME/.qt



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