Nikki - 2010-01-03

Hi all,

New here. I use Kile on Fedora 11, standard package 2.0.3 on KDE 4.

Everything is running smoothly, except that after a while, editing gets
interrupted constantly because the menu is accessed.

If you press alt you can access the menu using arrow keys or certain
characters. With escape you can get back to editing. In my case, the menu is
suddenly accessed without me pressing alt. It happens a lot and it is very
disturbing (I press del to remova a character, Kile sais: there are no files
selected to delete :S).

I have had this problem for a while now and it seems to occur when Kile has
been running for some time. I cannot find any 'secret' key combination to
enter the menu - it just happens, and yes, I have checked that I don't
accidentally press alt on either side of my space bar with my sleeves or wrist
or such. It happens on my laptop as well as on my late desktop computer. It
happened in Fedora 9 and 11, both KDE4. I am not sure, but it may be related
to using alt-tab a lot to switch windows (which I do).

Does anyone have any idea what causes this and what I can do?

If the answer turns out to be: wait for Kile 2.1 to be released for everyday
use, when is this expected?

Many thanks,