Jasper Aorangi - 2014-05-10

Good day,
I have been using Kile with LivePreview for quite some time now and am currently helping my GF convert her PhD theis from word... why did I offer... anyway, that aside
I have been finding the LivePreview stresses me out a lot, trying to finish a thought or sentence before the time out. This can be remedied by creating the preview on save (a nice option!) or increasing the time before the preview is made.
Yet all these fall short on seamlessness, and leave me 'waiting' for the preview when I should still be writing.

I believe that LivePreview would be far superior if its updates were as seamless to the user as possible. In my opinion this should look like:
a) The livepreview is always present. It does not temporarily disappear whilst the new preview is being built, nor does it disappear if there is an error.
i) It is sufficient that the building dot indicates an error, maybe gently pulses (but not blink)
b) That live preview building is not interrupted by new input. Once it starts, it continues until it is done, error or a manual save on the file.
c) A quick build mode (another button ?) that allows for selectively not running biber, building twice for references etc etc.

These changes should also result in no loss of synctex and the annoying popup whenever the cursor is moved if the preview is not built...

Obviously Kile is awesome, these changes would make it more awesome.

Thank you