#25 Slow trigger detection with cyrillic characters


For example, when we want to capture some words from an output of MUD like
"Брыльский лекарь отдыхает у огня, готовый помочь пострадавшим."
and there's a trigger like this:
$world->trigger('^(.*) отдыхает у огня', '/$world->echonl($_[1])');
each time when the MUD sends some text, there's an intense usage of CPU, before the words "Брыльский лекарь" are displayed. Without the trigger there's no delay.


  • Eduardo M Kalinowski

    It's unavoidable that triggers will cause some delay - each line must be matched. However, the delay shouldn't make any significant difference.

    Do you see the same delay when matching latin characters, or is that something specific to the cyrillic characters? Also, which encoding it being used (UTF-8, KOI8-R, etc.)?

  • Ivan Nikolaev

    Ivan Nikolaev - 2010-06-12

    That MUD server sends output in KOI8-R, so I've set KildClient encoding settings to KOI8-R. I know that delays are obvious, but that one takes too much, as other russian patterns

  • Eduardo M Kalinowski

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  • Eduardo M Kalinowski

    You're right, the delay shouldn't be noticeable.

    I tried by sending that line, and I didn't notice anything unusual. But that's not a very good test. It would be nice to have real output from the MUD, could you capture it? If you use the --rawdump option, something like this

    $ kildclient --rawdup file

    then all that is received from the server is stored in the file. If you can do that and post the file here (or send via e-mail) perhaps I can take a better look.

  • Eduardo M Kalinowski

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