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Banner kidzbrowser available

You can promote kidzbrowser by putting our banner on your site!


or add this html-code to your site:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Please visite" border="0"></a>

Thank you

Rocky Grispen

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-10-05

New graphic designers

We are looking for some new graphic designers for our kidzbrowser. We need someone who can make beautiful 3D-buttons.

Thank you

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-08-04

Code kidzbrowser: Add your own code

this is the code of kidzbrowser:

You can download this project and add your own code to the project. So we can add more ideas... If you add new code, please add your name and date in comment, so we can see what is added. You can send the new code to:

All help and ideas are welcome.



Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-03-31

Kidzbrowser projects

Kidzbrowser is not only a browser for children. We are also developing some online projects. First of all we created a online database where teachers and parents can add their favorit websites. This online database will be connected to the database so people can add these links to the parentcontrol if they want too. We are also working on an online virtual school with a lot of classrooms where children can learn a lot. This project will be made in flash. 3th online project will be a theme portal, where people can download/upload information about themes (seasons, animals, etc). These themes can be used for homework. We want a place where teachers and parents can store their work and share it with other people. We also having an online help. The first documentation is already made in dutch. You can find it at This page will also be the startpage for our projects and browser. Here you can add sites tot online database, find a forum for teachers and parents, online help, kidzschool, theme portal, etc... ... read more

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-03-01

Message to developers kidzbrowser


There are problems with the sourceforge emailaddresses, so i can't send mails... Could you please send your personal emailaddress. I try to send some information but i doesn't work. Greetingz

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-02-17

Doc writer and web graphic designer added!

There are 2 people who joined the kidzbrowser-project: One doc writer and one graphic designer.

It's important to have a good online help for parents and teachers, so they can use the parentcontrol, add/delete new websites, control the logbook, etc.

Kidzbrowser also have a second graphic designer. This designer will help us with the website of kidzbrowser.

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-02-11

graphic designer!!

Andrew Dutko is our graphic designer! He will create new buttons for our project!

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-02-08


The first release of kidzbrowser is now available!

Posted by KidzBrowser 2006-02-04