#28 reporting just some minor glitches


Hi, these are not necessarily "bugs" per sé - just some things that I noticed while using the latest release:

- when debugging a program and loading a new file, the currently active program will keep running while the new program is loaded - there should probably be a messagebox saying that debugging will be canceled instead?

- similarly, when loading a file while another program is running, the old program keeps running while the new source code is shown - it would probably be more intuitive to ask the user if he wants to interrupt the currently running program?

- also, when starting a program, it might be a good idea to automatically refresh/clear all previously used screens?

- interpreter messages (logs) seem to be dumped to the output screen, thus refreshing it seems sensible (or maybe use a different logging area)?

- syntax errors are reported with line/column numbers, however the status field only displays the active line number and not the column - so finding the actual column is unnecessarily tedious

- syntax highlighting for labels with underscore is not working properly

- the size of the graphics area is retained even when restarting a program, i.e. issued graphsize instructions are persistent even once a program terminates

- having a way to optionally render the graphics area in a dedicated/separate window might be useful

- similarly, having a way to check the screen resolution, would allow custom windows to be properly sized (i.e. for fullscreen mode)

hope this helps

all the best & thanks for a very useful program


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