What to do with the compiled code?

  • Trat

    Trat - 2008-12-01

    Hi,  I think my code is compiling as expected - but I'm not sure how to use this compiled code.

    The output I end up with after I compile is in the form of "sample.kbc", but I don't know how to execute these compiled programs.  I open up my compiled code (to look at it) in Kwrite and I get this message:

    The file file:///home/nitr0fish/basic256/compcnt1.kbc is a binary, saving it will result in a corrupt file.

    So it appears it has compiled into binary OK - but how do I execute these compiled results?  I was hoping the compiled binary code would run as a "stand alone applications".  If compiling into "stand alone applications" is not supported, then maybe it's possible to run the compiled results on the BASIC-256 interface?
      Thank you.

    • Jim Reneau

      Jim Reneau - 2008-12-02

      Based on my understanding of the code, there is no direct use of the binary save feature.  I have used it in debugging the interpreter/compiler.

      Jim Reneau

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    That is also my impression, but on Windows, I *think* it would be possible to use such a pre-compiled program to directly executed the kidbasic VM by passing it the name of the bytecode file for directly executing the program, without having to reparse the whole file?

    To be honest, I am not sure tho, if that path should be pursued, because it would make it possible to exchange the bytecode (i.e. pseudo-machine code) for programs, instead of the preferred form - source code, so that proprietary/closed source programs would become possible


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