Line numbers request

  • Bill Russell

    Bill Russell - 2006-11-03

    Would it be feasible to add line numbers?  If there is a program with more then a few lines of code, it is difficult to figure out to what "Syntax error on line 119" refers to. If it is a pain to add line numbers, it would be fine to just bold the line in question.

    • drblast

      drblast - 2006-11-03

      The current line has been added in the Status Bar.

      Also, a Syntax Error now causes the cursor to jump to the correct line.

      This will all be in the next release.

    • Andre Krause

      Andre Krause - 2008-05-20

      i second that:
      it would be really nice to have a column directly left of the text editor field that displays the line numbers. i dont know if this is easly possible, but it would make using kidbasic as a teaching tool much better.


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