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Kid3 3.6.1 released

This bugfix release improves the speed when saving with a lot of unchanged files in the directory. It fixes wrong parsing of the xid atom when using the Mp4v2Metadata plugin, scrolling to the opened file when using a custom sort order in the file list and avoids changing the file name extension when setting file names from the tags.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2018-04-23

Kid3 3.5.1 released

This bugfix release fixes a crash with DSF files having sample rates other than 2822400 or 5644800 Hz. It also brings a few usability improvements.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2017-11-01

Kid3 3.5.0 released

Besides bug fixes and performance improvements, Kid3 3.5.0 brings new features like marking violations of the ID3v2 standard. It is now possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to user actions. The command line version can access frame fields, multiple frames of the same kind and subsets of frames. It starts faster and can run on systems without UI.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2017-06-16

Kid3 3.4.5 released

Kid3 3.4.5 brings improvements with handling lots of files. File tree expansion and filtering are significantly faster and consume less memory. Folders can be explicitly excluded or included. Importing from MusicBrainz and Discogs has been fixed.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2017-02-18

Kid3 3.4.4 released

This bugfix release fixes the import of durations when importing from file or clipboard, and building with Chromaprint 1.4. New features include a portable mode storing the configuration file in the application folder, copying of images to the clipboard and an MPRIS D-Bus interface for the audio player on Linux.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-12-23

Kid3 3.4.3 released

Tagging of WAV files is improved by supporting ID3v2.3.0 tags on WAV files and better interoperability with RIFF INFO tags by configuring the track field to be "ITRK" and the RIFF chunk to use a lowercase "id3 " name. The latest iTunes tags for classical music are now supported. Bug fixes solve crashes with FLAC files and support for translated names and the 3rd tag in kid3-cli.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-11-01

Kid3 3.4.2 released

This bugfix release fixes issues with copy pasting of tags with multiple frames of the same type (e.g. multiple artists) and deleting frames in kid3-cli. It adapts to changes of the web services used for fetching lyrics. Usability improvements include complex quick access frames like pictures and selection of the file list filter in the settings.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-08-24

Kid3 3.4.1 released

This bugfix release fixes the wrong marking of ID3v2 Date frames as modified and makes it possible to directly add Date frames with ISO date/time values to files which do not yet have an ID3v2.4.0, M4A or Vorbis tag. For the Windows version, issues with incorrect relative paths in playlists, importing from Discogs and temporary files generated by id3lib were fixed.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-06-23

Kid3 3.4.0 released

With Kid3 3.4.0 you gain even more control over the tags of your audio files. It is now possible to edit more than two tags, for example ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE tags of MP3 files or ID3v1, ID3v2 and Vorbis tags of FLAC files. Support for RIFF INFO chunks in WAV files has been added. Bug fixes include the editing of synchronized lyrics on Windows.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-04-22

Kid3 3.3.2 released

Kid3 3.3.2 is a bugfix release. The import has been adapted to changes of the Discogs service. It is now possible to set the encoding used for exported files and playlists. Third-party libraries have been fixed to solve random crashes on Windows and file corruptions when writing WAV files.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2016-03-14

Kid3 3.3.1 released

Kid3 3.3.1 adds Android to the list of supported platforms. Bug fixes include the correct selection of text encoding in picture frames, higher resolution application icons and a workaround for cropped pictures on high pixel density displays. The handling of read-only files is improved.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2015-12-16

Kid3 3.3.0 released

Kid3 3.3.0 brings support for audiobook and podcast frames. Usability improvements include a configurable order of the quick access frames, a more user friendly naming of the frames, and the possibility to use submenus and separators in the user actions context menu.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2015-10-01

Kid3 3.2.1 released

This bug fix release fixes a bug on Mac OS X where the file tree of network shares is not shown correctly, cover art pictures which are displayed too small, single quotes in kid3-cli and packaging issues. Cover art in APE tags is now supported.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2015-05-12

Kid3 3.2.0 released

Kid3 3.2 introduces a script interface to write extensions and automate tasks using QML/JavaScript. Example scripts are provided to embed, export and resize album art, export tags and fetch lyrics from a web service. Kid3 can now be built with KDE 5 and adds support for DSF and Ogg/FLAC files. New features include more options to number tracks and marking oversized embedded album art. Discogs and Amazon import and all known bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2015-03-20

Kid3 3.1.2 released

This bug fix release offers the possibility to change the permissions when trying to save read-only files. It fixes bugs like editing a frame for multiple files which do not all already have such a frame or the use of special characters in M4A files on Windows. The number of open file descriptors is reduced, which should solve problems when working with a huge number of files. The Discogs import has been updated to address the latest restrictions.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2014-11-09

Kid3 3.1.1 released

This bug fix release fixes incorrect behavior when removing custom frames (COMM, PRIV, TXXX, free form), setting of POPM frames using kid3-cli, import of composer from MusicBrainz and other smaller issues, as well as platform-specific bugs such as kid3-cli output redirection on Windows, support for case-sensitive filesystems on OS X and drag'n'drop on OS X 10.10.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2014-08-25

Kid3 3.1 released

Kid3 3.1 brings support for synchronized lyrics, event timing codes and import/export of LRC Karaoke files. It is possible to search and replace in tags. The file list now has detailed sortable columns. Bug have been fixed and the usability improved.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2014-04-24

Kid3 3.0.2 released

This bugfix release solves the problem that translations and the documentation were not found on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The application is now correctly terminated when the main window is closed while the handbook is open. Session restoration and the genres list have been improved. A few build system issues are fixed too.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2013-11-29

Kid3 3.0.1 released

This is a bugfix release for 3.0. It fixes the incorrect configuration conversion and toolbar configuration in the KDE version, the filename format configuration, bugs in the fingerprint import and several build issues for different Linux distributions.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2013-10-29

Kid3 3.0 released

Kid3 3.0 has a flexible architecture with common shared libraries and plugins for metadata libraries and importers, brings a new command-line application, support for the Opus format, bug fixes and usability improvements.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2013-10-23

Kid3 2.3 released

Kid3 celebrates its 10th birthday with a new release featuring an automatic batch import for multiple directories from various sources, improved import capabilities, bug fixes and usability improvements.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2013-03-11

Kid3 2.2 released

Improved Discogs and AcoustID audio fingerprint import, bug fixes and usability improvements.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2012-10-26

Kid3 2.1 released

Chromaprint Acoustid fingerprint import, keyboard shortcuts, bug fixes and usability improvements.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2012-05-12

Kid3 2.0.1 released

Minor bugfixes. The build system is also improved and should work out of the box on most distributions.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2011-11-02

Kid3 1.6 released

Improvements in numbering of tracks, GUI and usability.

Posted by Urs Fleisch 2011-02-05